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Below you’ll find an offer of free bookplates (two different sorts), a link to my cat Harry’s blog, and a number of links that will tell you more about the characters in the Keepers trilogy and how the books came about. There are also two terrific games and downloadable screensavers and desktop wallpaper. I hope you enjoy these extras!

Free bookplates #1

I’ve had some very cute bookplates made. The first lot are for the Hidden (Icebreaker) series with Mister Smoke and Missus Slink on them. and I’m giving them away.

They are only small – roughly 7.5 x 10.5 cm (3″ x 4″) – and the idea is that, if you want your copy of Icebreaker (or the next two books in the trilogy) signed, but don’t live near me, you get a signed bookplate instead, peel the backing off and stick it in the front of your book.

As well as my signature, I can personalise them with someone’s name – ‘For Natasha’ – or include a short message – ‘Happy Birthday!’ – but there’s not room for much more.

If you’d like one (or two or three) leave a message on my blog here and I’ll email you to get your address.

Free Bookplates #2

The second lot of bookplates are for the Keepers trilogy, and feature Little Broo and Morg. I can sign or personalise these ones too. If you’d like one of these (or two or three – I promise I won’t think you’re greedy) leave a message on my blog here, and I’ll email you to get your address.

Harry’s blog

Harry is a cat with an amazing history and an even better memory. Or maybe he’s just very good at lying. Anyway, for a while there he was writing his own blog. He hasn’t written anything for a while, being too busy eating and sleeping, but if you want to catch up with his adventures you can find them at It’s written in serial form, so it’s a good idea to start with the very first post.

The Keepers trilogy games

If you haven’t yet played the Keepers games, you’re in for a treat. There’s a difference game, based around the rooms in the Museum of Dunt, and a logic game based on City of Lies.


The Keepers screensavers and desktop wallpaper

You can find several downloads here, including two different screensavers, a poster and a desktop wallpaper.

The Keepers characters

What was the first sentence Goldie Roth ever signed in fingertalk? How old was Toadspit when he taught himself to pick locks? What does Guardian Hope dream of, alone in her room at night? You’ll find the answers to these questions (and many more about the characters from Museum of Thieves) here.

What does Bonnie Hahn hate more than anything else? What is the name of Cord’s knife? Why do the orchards at Princess Frisia’s castle grow so well? For more information about the characters in City of Lies, go here.

Looking for a glimpse into the life and mind of a slaughterbird?

Or a lesson on camouflage from Sinew?

Or some instructions on fingertalk from Goldie herself?

Want to know how Pounce makes his favourite rat stew?

Or how you can avoid being carried off by the dreaded Black Ox? (warning – this interview did not go as well as we had hoped)

A letter from Lian

And finally, here’s a letter from me, describing how I first got the idea for the Keepers trilogy.

About Lian

Lian Tanner has been dynamited while scuba diving and arrested while busking. She once spent a week in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, hunting for a Japanese soldier left over from the Second World War. Nowadays she lives by the beach in southern Tasmania with a large fluffy tomcat called Harry-le-beau.

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