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October 4th, 2020

We had a book launch for A Clue for Clara two weeks ago, at the Hobart Bookshop in Salamanca Square. It was supposed to be deadly serious – well, except for the bit where Les Winspear and I were trying to explain what it was like to suddenly get a really good idea for a story.

Everything after that was meant to be sensible and dignified. But it’s hard to be dignified when a chook turns up in the middle of the speeches, making wild accusations about a stolen diary, and disrupting all the sensible stuff.

To make matters even worse, we had to break the book itself out of a giant egg.

And the chook just kept hanging round …

In the end, everyone agreed that it was the best launch ever. Huge thanks to Les Winspear and Claire Dawson for their help in planning and executing the fun.


2 thoughts on “Book launch

  1. Colleen Davidson says:

    Well done Lian, great article in The Mercury too! Looked like it was an awesome book launch, loved the photos….cracked me up!!

    1. Lian Tanner says:

      Thanks Colleen. And yes, the launch was hilarious!

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