August 26th, 2018

My author copies of Secret Guardians arrived last week – a whole box of them! Which makes me think I should have a competition, and give some of them away.

I saw a hilarious video a couple of days ago for Felice Arena’s new book, Fearless Frederic, where a whole bunch of his fellow writers spoke in very bad French to promote the book. And it got me thinking. Maybe I could get clips for a video and run a competition at the same time.

The competition would go something like this: to enter you would have to send in a black-and-white video clip of about five seconds. A mysterious video clip, of you or someone else saying, ‘Secret Guardians’. Or ‘The Harshman is back’ or ‘What about that chicken?’ The more mysterious the better. If you wanted to add some words, you could. Both adults and children are welcome to enter.

I would choose the winners (not sure how many – depends on how many entries I get), and put the best clips together into one video, which I would then use to promote the book.

What do you think? Interested?

2 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Sumayyah Abdul-Aziz says:

    I am definitely interested. Although I haven’t read the series (yet), I would love this. But a question, how would it be sent?

    1. Lian says:

      I’d have to give my email address. I can’t think of any other way of getting it to me, and if it’s a short clip it shouldn’t be too big for email. People who are on facebook could post it on my page, or in a message. And maybe for people who haven’t read the series I could give them a choice of Book 1 or Book 2 if they win. As you can see, I am making this up as I go along. 🙂

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