Greater love hath no man …

January 29th, 2011

I want to pay tribute to Russian reader Lert who, on a cold night when the wind was howling, found the Museum of Thieves game on the internet. He then discovered that it was also a book. When he read it (in English), he loved it so much that he translated the entire book into Russian so his girlfriend could read it!

How cool is that?  What a boyfriend!

6 thoughts on “Greater love hath no man …

  1. Romi says:

    How kind is that! You must be thrilled!

    1. Lian says:

      It’s a pretty nice thing to do, isn’t it. I was impressed. I hope his girlfriend was too!

  2. Kay says:

    wow thats a pretty dedicated boyfriend!!

  3. Georgia says:

    WOW!!! talk about a MAJOR FAN/LOVER!! how exciting

    1. Lian says:

      Yes, it’s impressive, isn’t it. I hope his girlfriend appreciated it!

  4. sarah says:

    in this cruel era girls would love to have such a dedicated lover.i hope she loved it.

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