Last minute entries for the competition

June 16th, 2013

The competition closes at midnight tonight (Sunday 16th), so if you haven’t sent your entry in yet, you need to hurry. In the meantime, I’m very pleased to see that we’ve had more entries, and they continue to be diverse and wonderful.

Here are the latest ones:

First we have a terrific poster from Gabi, who is eight years old.

Gabi's entry

The next one is from Io, who is a regular visitor to this blog, and who also happens to be Gabi’s big sister.

Io's entry

Next is one from Kate, who is 11.

Kate's entry

And one from Racquel, who is 13.

Racquel's entry

And lastly, one from Sybilla, who is 12.

Sybilla's entry

Aren’t they brilliant? Am I not a fortunate author to have such talented and creative readers? And am I not an idiot for running a competition where I have to CHOOSE between all these wonderful entries?

Will there be more entries before midnight? Who knows? I am gnawing my knuckles to the bone …

4 thoughts on “Last minute entries for the competition

  1. Io says:

    thank you Lian! And wonderful entries everyone!!! 🙂

  2. Gabi says:

    awsome!!! Thank you Lian and awesome entries everyone!

  3. Chelsie says:

    What AMAZING entries, congratulations to everyone!!

  4. Io says:

    thank you!

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