A new entry for the dress-up comp

December 26th, 2012

It’s Boxing Day, and I’m still full from Christmas lunch, but I promised I’d put up the next entry, so here goes.

Toadspit (Harry age 10)

This one is from Harry, aged 10, and is the coolest picture of Toadspit, in the snow with his sword.

One of the things I really like about the entries that have come in so far is how well people are getting into the character. Both Lily and Lilli acted the part as well as dressing up. And in this new entry Toadspit looks really stubborn, but noble too, and loyal. The sort of boy who wouldn’t desert his friends, not even when things got really bad.

I do hope we get some more entries – I can’t wait to see what people do. It’s less than a week now till the competition closes. Remember?

Midnight on December 31st!

If you need a reminder of the rules, they’re here.

If you need a reminder of who has entered so far, you’ll find them here and here.

And if you need a reminder of what Lian’s astonishingly intelligent, beautiful and wise cat looks like, you can see a picture of her below as she contemplates the universe, and tries to solve the age-old problem of whether or not fish are tastier than —

Ah, such elegance, such grace, such wisdom ...

*brief pause while Lian wrestles the keyboard away from Miss Mouse*

[Mousie, stop it! This is my blog, not yours! And we’re talking about the competition, not fish! Why do you always want to talk about fish?????]

Ahem. Where were we? Ah yes, the competition. I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say. So I’ll just say this – get those entries in, or I will be forced to dress Miss Mouse up as an idlecat and pretend it’s not me entering.

[What do you mean, you won’t dress up? Of course you will if I tell you to! Who’s the boss around here? Mousie? Pleeeease …?]

Oh, I know what I was going to say! Remember Maddy, who sparked off this competition by dressing up as Goldie No One for Book Week? Well guess what she got for Christmas??????

pic 1.

pic 2.

pic 3.

pic 4.

pic 5.

Here are the pictures of Maddy’s house on Christmas morning, sent in by Neal, her dad. πŸ™‚







0 thoughts on “A new entry for the dress-up comp

  1. Io says:

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! (even though it is 2 days since Christmas)

  2. Lily says:

    Merry X-mas guys . . . Lian, did you get the prezzie in time?

    I got delayed in the last pics because I had to pack (I always spend new year with my grandparents) but they’re coming soon. I hope you other fans like these ones because as you might tell when you see them, I spent a REALLY LONG TIME on the make up.

    1. Lian says:

      Merry Belated Christmas, Lily and Io and everyone else! Got the beautiful present thanks, Lily. Got the new pics too – they’ll go up in a couple of days.

  3. Io says:

    Lian, out of curiosity, when you say several winners, how many do you mean?

    1. Lian says:

      I haven’t decided yet, Io. It will depend on the entries. Of which I have just received TWO MORE! Will put them up at the weekend.

  4. Lily says:

    Yay!!!! Two more!!! I like the harder comps but this ones going to be tough . . . I love a good challenge!!!

    1. Lian says:

      Imagine how tough it’s going to be for me, judging!!

      1. Lily says:

        Glad I’m not you! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!!

  5. Lilli says:

    OMG !!!
    I am on holidays in Fiji and I did not get Internet until today!!
    Ok ,(dramatic pause) Miss Mouse is SO cute !
    From Lilli

    1. Lian says:

      Fiji, Lilli! How exciting. I’ve never been there. And Miss Mouse is pleased to accept all compliments …

  6. Lilli says:

    Dear Lian
    Happy New Year !
    I will send a pic of Fiji for you and there is a very funny story I will tell you ( read below!)

    Thank you

    From Lilli

  7. Lilli says:

    Ok , I was ordering some pizza for dinner in room service on Holidays in Fiji and when I put the food out I saw a face in the grass outside our bungalow ,and it was an IDLECAT !!!!!!!!

    No ,it was a humongous cat!

    And it was living off the scraps from the hoyel’s room service !

    I screamed and shouted”IDLECAT” and three other people opened their doors ,OMG !

    Thank you everybody ,I hope you enjoyed my story

    From Lilli


    1. Lian says:

      That’s very funny. I wonder if it had idlecat ancestors, seeing it was so big. πŸ™‚

  8. Io says:

    That is pretty funny πŸ˜€

    1. Lily says:

      LOL you should’ve trained it to be your guardian!

      “You DARE accuse me of theft!? Idlecat! POUNCE! SCRATCH HIM!!!”

      “Whoops …”

      1. Lian says:

        Whoops indeed. πŸ™‚ Could create a few problems with that Fijian holiday.

  9. Lily says:

    Lian, I feel truly sorry you have to choose between all these brilliant photos. Speaking of which …


    … Do I even have a chance? πŸ™

    1. Lian says:

      There are more brilliant photos coming, Lily. And so far, everyone has a chance. πŸ™‚

  10. Lily says:

    πŸ™ :(:( πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


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