Dragons of Hallow Book 1


Winner 2023 Aurealis Award for Best Children's Fiction
Shortlisted 2024 West Australian Young Readers Book Award

There are Three Great Secrets in Hallow, a country that loves secrets almost as much as it loves green jellybabies. No, I’m not going to tell you anything more about them. I am a loyal citizen of Hallow, and would never betray—

Oh, you have jellybabies?

Green ones?

Well, I suppose I could tell you a little more.

Come closer. Open your ears and your heart, and pass the green jellybabies.

I will tell you a story about an enormous magical pup, a child Queen and a very small minch-wiggin with the unfortunate title of Destroyer-of-Dragons.

A fascinating tale filled with falsehoods, fortitude and friendship (and just the right number of green jellybabies), from the award-winning author of A Clue for Clara and Museum of Thieves.

Perfect twisty plot and pace, constant laughs, a fresh new world, and characters to cheer: this book made me beam. I loved it!

Jaclyn Moriarty

Full of secrets and mystery, with wonder on every page.

Kate Temple

This highly engaging fantasy adventure is set in a unique magical world filled with delightful, quirky characters. There are many twists and turns, particularly as it comes to its startling conclusion, but there is also plenty of humour. Full-page illustrations by Sally Soweol Han scattered throughout the text add to the charm. Spellhound will be enjoyed by fantasy lovers aged nine and up, or would make a captivating read-aloud for younger children.

Books & Publishing March 2023

Dragons of Hallow Book 2


Here are the three Laws of Quill, carved in stone outside every town hall, and learnt by every schoolchild:
There shall be No Witches.
There shall be No Dragons.
There shall be NO SECRETS.

The people of Quill hate secrets even more than they hate green jellybabies. So if there WAS a dragon, and if there WAS a witch—

A bewitching tale of bravery, betrayal and one very forgettable horned glob, from the award-winning author of Rita’s Revenge and Spellhound.

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