Update on City of Lies

November 8th, 2010

I’ve just finished the copy-edit of City of Lies and sent it back to the publishers. Phew! I didn’t think there was going to be much to do, but when I read it through I realised that I didn’t like the beginning. I think I’ve known this for a while but have been trying to convince myself that it was all right. So – I’ve been frantically rewriting the first two chapters, hoping that I could get them done before the publishers started coughing meaningfully and asking where the manuscript was. Got it finished last Friday, and am happy with it at last. And feedback so far is good.

Now I can get back to Book 3, Path of Beasts. Except of course that I’m off to India in a little less than two weeks. But if I keep my head down this week and next, AND when I get back, I should have a rough first draft by Christmas – with the emphasis on ‘rough’. I’m aware of several strands that have got lost along the way and will need to be rewoven, but that’s the nice thing about first drafts – you don’t worry too much. Just get the words on paper so that you’ve got something to work with, then sort it all out next time around.

39 thoughts on “Update on City of Lies

  1. Jessica M says:

    I loved Museum of Thieves and cannot wait to read City of Lies. You can check out my review of MoT here:
    So good!

  2. Lian says:

    Thanks for the terrific review, Jessica. I’m so glad you liked it. This is always a nervous time for an author! I was interested to see on your blog that you’re from New Britain, Connecticut. (I presume that’s what CT is?) I spent a couple of years living in New Britain, Papua New Guinea. I am sure they are nothing at all alike. *grin*

  3. Romi says:

    Dear Lian,
    I’m so very excited about your next books, I got the Museum of Thieves as a proof copy and I read it over about 5 days, I just adore it! And when I got to the end I was just so excited to find out that you are from Tasmania too! I’m from Latrobe, about an hour from Launceston and I just happened to read about your book signing, I would’ve been there right away had I known about it, maybe you could do one in Devonport? I’m sure lots of people would come, me especially!
    Well I really just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I adore your writing, you really inspired me!
    Thank you and have a grand time in India!

  4. Lian says:

    Hi Romi, great to hear that you loved the book, and sorry that you missed the Launceston visit. It would have been nice to meet you. I’d love to come up to Devonport some time – it won’t be till next year though – this year is filled up already.
    Incidentally, I was up at Narawntapu National Park a while back – what a gorgeous place! In fact I love that whole northwest coast. You’re very lucky to live there.

  5. Georgia says:

    Hey Lian

    i just LOVED your book. i can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out and i am extremly disappointed that i will have to wait till next year for the next one to come out! i loved your book soo much that i am using it for a school project! oh and also, has Margaret Connolly given you my request? i sent her a email for a message for you and i was wondering if you have got it yet? if not please ask for it and reply ASAP!! thank you

    big fan!!!


    1. Lian says:

      Hi Georgia, I’m so pleased that you loved the books so much. It’s a nuisance having to wait so long for the next one, isn’t it? I feel exactly the same, even though I wrote it! But I think it will be worth the wait – I’ve just seen some of the new character illustrations and they are really wonderful.

      I haven’t had your message from Margaret Connolly yet, and I’m heading off to India in exactly three hours. But I’ll try to check my email while I’m in Delhi, and hopefully will be able to answer you then.

  6. Sean says:

    Hi Lian,
    Wanted to thank you for your wonderful book! I fell in love with Goldie and
    All of the characters really, they’re so unforgettable. Working in a library
    I found your book on our ‘new shelves’ and couldn’t put it down. I’ve
    Suggested it to my friends and children that come to the library looking
    For a new book. I eagerly await City of Lies and and will follow you as one
    Of my favorite authors.
    Much appreciation and anticipation,
    Sean (Illinois, USA)

    1. Lian says:

      Thanks so much, Sean. As someone who has used libraries all my life, I have a great deal of respect for the opinions of librarians. I met some terrific librarians when I was in the US earlier this year, and was so impressed with their passion for children’s books. So glad you enjoyed the book!

  7. stephanie says:

    I too cam across your book working in my library. I was just checking the recor to make sure the summary was right and as soon as I read the summary I was sucked in.I read it all in one night!
    I can’t wait for your next book, or to share it will all the people I know who’ll love it too.

    Stephanie in KY

    1. Lian says:

      Hi Stephanie, I’m glad to hear from another librarian. Thanks so much for the nice comments, and I’m very pleased that the summary is so appealing!

  8. Madison says:

    Museum of thieves was awesome, I devoured it in less than a day. Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Lian says:

      Madison! It took me so long to write that book! And then you go and read it in a day! AAAAARGH!

      Actually, I’m very glad you liked it so much. I’m a quick reader myself, so I know what it’s like to find something you love and just keep reading until it’s finished. And then you have to wait nearly a year for the next one. *sigh*

  9. Laycie Age 13 says:

    omg That was the best book ever!!!! my new favorit book in the world!!! i was wondering when your next book comes out!!! i just now finished the book and now i cant stop thinking about it you are the best writer ever. how did you become a writer? what, in your oppinion, is the best book you have published? but anyway i loved the book soo much!!!

    1. Lian says:

      Hi Laycie, that’s a really nice message you sent. I am sitting here feeling very honoured to have written someone’s favourite book. I hope you like the next one just as much – or even more. City of Lies comes out on September 27th in the US, and probably round about the same date in Australia. So that’s eight months from today!

      ‘How did you become a writer?’ is a tricky question. The long answer would take pages and pages. The short answer is that I’ve always loved reading more than just about anything, and have wanted to write stories ever since I was about seven. As I grew up I kept experimenting with different things – poems, plays, stories, articles for newspapers. Writing is a bit like playing sport – you have to practise a lot if you want to become good at it, and you have to try out a few different sports to see which one you love best. One day I realised that what I really like writing is children’s books. So then I practised a whole lot more! (It sounds a bit boring, but I actually really enjoyed it, because I love writing.)

      I’ve only had one other book published (called Rats!), and it wasn’t anywhere near as good as Museum of Thieves. So this is definitely my favourite one so far.

  10. Grace Moore (age 7) says:

    I loved the Museum of Thieves….it had a lot of action in it…i loved the litte dog that turned into a brizzle hound…when is the next book coming out??? i just finished the first book today…2/12/2011…Grace

    1. Lian says:

      Hello Grace, thanks for your message. It’s nice to hear from you, and I’m glad you liked the book. I love Broo too – sometimes I think he’s my favourite character. He’ll be doing some very dangerous work in the next book, which is coming out at the end of September in both the USA and Australia.

  11. Simone (Age 10) says:

    Hey! I really think that your first book is awesome and I want to know how many books you’ll publish in the future. I think Harry Mount’s cool how it looks like it’s going up but it feels like your going down some times. I want you to please explain to me what that little voice is in the back of Goldie’s head! My favorite character is Broo!

    1. Lian says:

      Hello Simone! You have asked a couple of very interesting questions. I’m not sure how many books I’ll publish in the future, but I hope it will be quite a lot. There are three books in this series, but I’m not going to stop there. I’d like to write about when the museum was started, when Herro Dan and Olga Ciavolga were children, and how they came to meet, and how Broo came to the museum. Remember how Olga Ciavolga says she stole him from a circus? I’d love to write that story. But I also have another book planned that is not set in Jewel or Dunt. So really, I think I’ll just keep writing until I can’t write any longer. And that should be a long time from now!

      As for the little voice in Goldie’s head, I’m not totally sure what it is, but I think it’s a sort of intuition. We’ve all got it to a certain degree, like a feeling inside us that tells us what’s write and wrong, and warns us if we are in danger. But in Goldie it’s very strong, and it guides her when she isn’t sure what to do. It’s going to play a VERY important part in the next book.

  12. Lindsey says:

    Loved your book, Museum of Thieves!! One of my sixth grade students saw the book lying on my desk and got so excited because she thought I was going to read it loud to the class. Boy, was she bummed to find out I was still reading on my own. She said she “could just tell” it was a great book. Can’t wait for City of Lies! Thanks =)

    1. Lian says:

      Thanks Lindsey. You obviously have some very perceptive kids in your class. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you liked the book so much. Hope the kids like it too when it’s their turn.

  13. Caity says:

    OMG I love these books I got 1 for Christmas and then I started reading it and I fogot about the world around me! I am soooo exited to find out when the next one is out!!! As soon as I finished reading no.1 I gave it to all my friends to read and read again. I am a debater and have to write speeches offen so I used your book and I have won every debate because of my catchy beginnings and endings. Could you please tell me when the next book is out!!! Lots of secrets from caity๎„›

    1. Lian says:

      Hi Caity, what a great message. I must say I love reading books that make me forget about the world, so I’m REALLY glad that Museum did that for you. The next book, City of Lies, will be out at the end of September, which is now less than three months away. I am getting nervous! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on your debating – it sounds as if you are really good at it. And I’m glad my book has been useful – I don’t think anyone has ever used it to help them in debating before.

  14. Hannah says:

    Hi I cannot wait for the book to come out and can you give any sneek peaks?

    1. Lian says:

      Hi Hannah – less than three months to go now! Sneak peeks – hmmm. Well, the first two chapters ‘A Message from the Museum’ and “The Child-Stealers’ are in the back of the Australian paperback, which has just come out. And I’m about to put the Australian cover up on the website in a new post. I’ll probably give a few more sneak peeks as the time gets closer.

  15. Kimbo says:

    I can’t wait for the new book to come out! I’ve been dying to read it ever since I’ve read the first book.

    1. Lian says:

      Hey Kimbo, good to hear from you again! It’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? But we’re nearly there at last. (phew!) I hope you’ve listened to the excerpt – that will give you a taste of what’s coming.

  16. Lia says:

    I can’t wait another min. I am glad it will be done soon!It’s been a long wait, but I got used to it because I am still waiting for another the second book of a book I am reading. I am collecting your books so I can’t wait! Yay!(excited!!!)

    1. Lian says:

      Isn’t it frustrating, Lia, when second books take so long to get into the shops? And just think, as soon as the second book is out, you’ll be waiting for the third book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Lia says:

    You should come by San Fransisco or Mt. View, CA USA. I would definitely be there if you came for a book signing. i would be so excited!

    Lia (CA,USA)

    1. Lian says:

      I’m going to be in Chicago in November, but that’s probably a bit far for you to travel! Maybe next year I’ll go to California again.

    2. Lian says:

      In the meantime, would you like me to send you a signed bookplate?

  18. Clara says:

    AHHHHHHH, I LOVED YOUR BOOK SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, as son as I read the first page I just knew it was going to be AMAZING! my mum gave it to me after school last year and after I started it took me about 2 hours to read. your book is really good, it’s one of my all time favorites, I wouldn’t be suprised if they made a movie from it.
    P.S. the book cover design was amazing, I got the hardback and when I first saw it I thought it looked really cool (The illustrations were good as well)

    1. Lian says:

      Oh Clara, wouldn’t it be nice to see a movie of it? I wonder who would play Broo. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I thought the cover was brilliant too. I love the hardback AND the paperback. AND the illustrations. Wait till you see the illustrations in Book 2 – they’re just as good if not better.
      And I’m really really pleased that you liked the book so much!

  19. river says:

    hey loved your book cant wait for the next one i have read so many good books i feel like im starting to run out of books to read i was wonderin toadspit and goldie are still the main characters in the second one right and who are the new characters

    1. Lian says:

      Hi River, Yes, Goldie and Toadspit are the main characters in the second book (and the third one!) and Toadspit’s little sister Bonnie also plays an important part. There are some terrifying new characters called Cord and Smudge, a small boy called Mouse, and another boy called Pounce. You also get to meet a slommerkin – not a nice thing to encounter on a dark night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. river says:

    hey me again also me and my best friendare writing a book i know that kinda sounds stupid like yeah every body want to write a book but i think we’ve actually got a good story line and my friends doing the illustrating and you should see the charecter drawings there great but if you could give us a few pointers on writing that would be great also loved your book

    1. Lian says:

      Hi again River! No, it doesn’t sound at all stupid that you and your friend are writing a book. Where would the next generation of authors come from if people like you didn’t give it a try? I’m glad to hear that you’ve got a good story line. That’s VERY important. And the character drawings sound terrific.
      For writing advice, it’s probably best if you have a look at some of the answers I’ve given to other people who have asked the same thing, particularly here and here. (With that second link you need to scroll right down the bottom to see my two replies to Alfiya.)
      Then, if you’ve got any more specific questions, come back and ask them.

  21. Clara says:

    Hello me again, i’m just wondering,how many pages will the city of lies have? also, when it comes out what shops can i get it at? thank you.
    P.S. umm also how did you become such a good writer? did you have to practise for ages, or did it come naturally?

    1. Lian says:

      Round about three hundred pages, Clara. It’s just a little bit shorter than the first book. And yes, I had to practise a LOT! I started off with a love of words, and of reading, but writing is pretty much like everything else – if you want to get good at it you have to practise!

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