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October 8th, 2016

I sent the manuscript of Bodyguards to my agent, Margaret Connolly, a week and a half ago. It’s funny how this works. Right up to the moment when I sent it, I was really happy with it. Two seconds later I was chewing my nails and thinking of all the things that were wrong with it.

Margaret loved it! (Phew!)

But then of course she passed it on to my Australian publishers, Allen & Unwin, so now I’m chewing my nails all over again, waiting to hear what they think of it.

Meanwhile, to distract me a little, there are wonderful things happening with the reissue of the Hidden series in Aust/NZ. My publishers have found a new illustrator, a young woman called Arden Beckwith. And she has just recently sent the cover roughs, which are the preliminary sketches the artist does to show the publisher what they’re thinking. I love this one for Ice Breaker!


You can find a description of the process here, on the Allen & Unwin blog.


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