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November 22nd, 2012

I’ve already received some very interesting items in response to my previous post. And I am forced to conclude that my readers are extremely creative and clever people. I’m also starting to think that I might turn this into a competition. Is just before Christmas a good time to run it? Hmm, I’ll think about it.

In the meantime, here’s what came through my email over the last few days. First, a message from the Fugleman! Remember in City of Lies when he writes the coded message that is to be sent to Spoke via the semaphore station? Well, here it is! I think Io, who sent it in, must have found it in an old attic. Or perhaps a second-hand shop in Jewel … Note that it has been signed by the Grand Protector. Io tells me that this is because the Protector checked it after the Fugleman wrote it, and then she signed it to show that she had checked it. What a pity she didn’t know what the message really meant!

Next we have something sent in by a reader who prefers to remain nameless, but who has done a brilliant job of creating her picture.

A reader shows just how much she loves the Keepers!


Goldie Roth searching for a new Goldie

Becoming a new Goldie

Transformed into Goldie No One

And finally a series of three wonderful photos, sent in by Lily. They are so serious and so determined that they sent a shiver down my spine when I saw them.

So what do you think? Should we have a competition where people have to dress up as one of the characters and send in their photo/s? We could have a complete set of the audio books as a prize. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Io says:

    Lily looks really umm… i’m speechless! Looks so real!

    1. Lian says:

      Yep, I agree, Io. She looks terrific. I suspect she’s a very good actor!

  2. Lily says:

    OMG I didn’t realise they looked that good . . . Goldie No One was my favorite one to pose for. I poured all my emotions onto my face, determination, anger, surprise (for reasons I won’t tell) and even fear.

    and thnks Io for the lovely comment ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Io says:

      That’s fine! IT is the truth anyway!

  3. Lily says:

    Lian, may I ask how you made this blog? I would like to make my own, but all the websites are either wanting money or un-suitable. Is this free?

    1. Lian says:

      Lily, I used WordPress, but paid someone to design it and build it for me, because I wanted it to look really good. I think WordPress itself is free if you do the work yourself. Check here. I’ve been told it’s fairly quick and easy to set up, and there are many free “themes” which determine the style and layout. It also allows you to easily update the site yourself once it’s been set up. The other cost is getting somewhere to host it. But if your parents have an email account, that will often come with an offer of free hosting, so you need to check that out.

      1. Io says:

        Hi, people! I have gone on and I did it! Check it out! but I only started and it isn’t really good:

  4. shannon says:

    OMG lily! you look amazing!

  5. Lilli says:

    Dear Lian ,
    I think the competition is a great idea !!!

    I know who I am going to dress up as ( either Toadspit or someone that is a secret ( massive SPOILER to everyone who has not read the Keepers Book 3 !

    From Lilli

    1. Io says:

      Oh, I know who you mean!

    2. Lian says:

      I’m glad to see that you’re going to take part, Lilli! I think I WILL make it a competition – and anyone who has already sent me a photo, like Lily and Maddy, will be automatically entered in it. Though they can enter again if they want.)

      1. Lily says:

        YAY!!!!!!!!!!!Hey shannon, reply to this comment with a yes or no. You wanna come over to my place so we can take pictures and enter them into the draw? And Lian, how many times are you allowed to enter?

        1. Lian says:

          Good question, Lily. Let’s say … um … you can have a maximum of three entries. But a sequence of photos like your Goldie No One pics counts as one entry.

        2. shannon says:

          Yes deafintly! i know who i wanna be and i think you will know…(i you dont just think about the kind of things i like)

  6. Io says:

    Oh, please do turn it into a competition! Pleeeeeeease? (with cherries on top? Or chocolate crumbs? or caramel? Or a…a…? You know what I mean, right?)
    I would do anything ๐Ÿ˜€
    But the prize? not sure. Maybe a Keepers book? Or anything from an ant to a MILLION DOLLARS!!!!
    (exaggerating a bit)

    1. Lian says:

      Um … a million dollars might be tricky. And I have no idea how I’d wrap an ant to send it through the post! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Lilli says:

    Yes I agree Io a free keepers book of your choice (believe it or not I still haven’t gotten the first ,I read mine at the library !)

    From Lilli

    I also got 10/10 on the Pathof the Beasts test!!!!!

    1. Lian says:

      I’ll probably make it so the winner has a choice – they can either have the audiobooks or something else.

      1. Io says:

        So you mean one book or audiobook of the title you want?

        1. Io says:

          Or ALL of them?!?

          1. Lian says:

            I mean ALL of them, Io. The full set. The third audiobook hasn’t arrived on my doorstep yet, but it should come soon. I think that would be a prize worth winning, don’t you?

          2. Io says:

            Yep definatly! I mean that’s mor than enough, Lian! ALL of the audiobooks? Whoah!

  8. Io says:

    I haven’t got the third book which I really want!!!
    But I have read it.

  9. Io says:

    But Paperback or Hardcover?
    I would say….

    1. shannon says:

      deafinatly hardcover

      1. Lian says:

        I will probably depend on what I have. I haven’t got any hardcover copies of the first book left, I don’t think. I have hard covers of the other two, however. I also have a rather nice poster that I might give away. What I’ll probably do is have several different prizes, so there’s not just one winner.

      2. Lily says:

        Yep, hardcover

  10. shannon says:

    i know who i want to dress up as!i’ll get the photos and send them to you as soon as i can. wich hopfully will be soon!

  11. shannon says:

    well when/if the competion starts obiusly

    1. Lian says:

      The competition is definitely going to happen Shannon. So start thinking about how you’re going to dress up. And if you send the photos a bit early, it doesn’t matter – they’ll still be entered.

  12. Lily says:

    OMG ALL THE AUDIO BOOKS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AND . . .
    Wait what was the other thing again?

    1. Lian says:

      Be patient. I’ll put up a post either later today or tomorrow announcing the competition. I’ll send out emails too. Then you’ll get all the details. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Io says:

    WOO HOOO!!!!!
    * doing the happy dance*

  14. Io says:

    Hi, people! I have gone on and I did it! Check it out! but I only started and it isnโ€™t really good:

    1. Lily says:

      I made one too! here’s the adress (just copied Io’s thing and put my name in, so . . . don’t know if it’ll actually work)

        1. Lian says:

          Congratulations to both Lily and Io on your new blogs. How exciting! And thank you, Lily, for publicising my books with your very first post. I look forward to seeing how both blogs develop. I know that I found with mine it was a bit hit and miss at first, and I didn’t really know what to say, but after a while it gets easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Io says:

            Question to Lian: What theme did you use?

          2. Lian says:

            Io, I didn’t use any of the WordPress themes. I probably would have if I was just doing a blog, but because of the books I used a designer, and I told him what I wanted the website to look like – mysterious and dark and exciting. And he designed the whole thing from scratch.

        2. shannon says:

          our class is making a blog with wordpress. it’s called (i would put the link but i cant get the link working)

          1. shannon says:

            oh woops the link is already there. my bad

  15. Io says:

    Please tell me what you think!

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