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November 5th, 2016

I’m in the process of getting this website remade. When I first commissioned it from web designer Jin Wang, all I was thinking about was The Keepers trilogy. And the website reflects that – particularly the home page.

But now of course there’s the Keepers trilogy plus the Hidden series. And the first book in the Accidental Bodyguards series will be published next year. So I’ve been thinking for a while that I need an updated look, and I started talking to Jin about it last week.

Harry and Clara of course have their own ideas as to what the new website should look like, and most of those ideas seem to include pictures of them. Clara has been sitting just outside the cat door for the last couple of days, in case I need to take a photo of her.


I have instructed Jin to ignore any mysterious pics of cats or chickens that arrive in his inbox. 🙂

Meanwhile I’m playing with collage ideas for Bodyguards #2 and #3,


and making soap,


and getting interesting parcels in the post. This came a couple of days ago. It’s a shelf-talker – one of those things that bookshops use to draw your attention to particular books. It was made by Allen & Unwin for the new covers of the Hidden series.


We are all very excited about the new covers. They are coming out  in Australia and New Zealand on December 1st, only three and a bit weeks away!


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