Nice things in the mail

November 12th, 2016

It’s been another good week for the mail, with my author copies of the re-packaged Hidden series arriving a couple of days ago.


Aren’t the colours stunning? I’m very much looking forward to hearing what people think of them.

I’m off to Launceston later this week, to talk to 40 students from Trevallyn, Riverside  and West Launceston Primary schools, who make up a community of creative writers. Wednesday night is their end-of-year celebration, in the form of a Writers’ Cafe, and I am the guest speaker.

I was going to talk about my own beginnings as a writer, but then I thought it’d be more interesting to speak about the four most important things I’ve learned along the way. So I’ve been busy trying to work out what those four things are. 🙂 I think I’ve got it now – I’ll tell you about them next week.

I’ve been on holiday for the last little while, waiting for editorial comments on the first Bodyguards book. They still haven’t come, but this week I’m getting back to serious work. More thinking about the second and third books, and also thinking about another book that has been lurking in the back of my computer for several years. I’d love to finish it – but can I write two books at once? I’ve always assumed I couldn’t, because my subconscious mind gets confused, but I’ve had a few ideas about how it might work. I shall report back.

I’ll finish with this gorgeous picture of Harry. 🙂



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