Six weeks to go

September 15th, 2013

Only six weeks to go to the launch – and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery has agreed to lend us some penguins. Not real ones, unfortunately. Though I suppose things could get a bit out of hand if they were real. Loud squawking during the speeches. Feathers everywhere. Penguin poo on all the new books.

Hmm, maybe it’s just as well they’re fibreglass. 😉

We’re also suggesting that people might like to dress up as one of the ragged crew of the ancient icebreaker Oyster, or bring along a penguin of their own, stuffed, hand-drawn or painted, so we can decorate the icebergs. And yes, the icebergs we practised on last week (cardboard boxes and white plastic) turned out quite nicely. (They wouldn’t fool a real penguin, of course – so it’s DEFINITELY just as well they’re fibreglass.)

Meanwhile I’m still steaming along with Book 2 – and am now fairly confident that I’ll make the deadline on Nov 1st.  But I thought some of you might like to help me with something. You see, a lot of book 2 takes place underwater in a tiny submarine called Claw. And last week I was trying to think of good names for some of the underwater places that Claw goes to. This is what I came up with:

Eel Mount – a place with tasty eels but dangerous currents
Cutter Trough – deep and dark, full of strange creatures
The Murk – where the water is always cloudy/silty
The Great Puddle – very shallow and dangerous (particularly for subs)
Bounty Sides – a long shallow underwater slope that’s packed with cod and other tasty fish
The Falls – a dangerous place prone to underwater landslides

So – would you like to suggest some more places? There’s no prize, but if I like them, I MIGHT use them in the second book. All you really need to keep in mind is that the book is set in a coldish place (not as cold as Ice Breaker!) – a bit like the waters off Tasmania, or England – so there won’t be any coral reefs or other such tropical things.



8 thoughts on “Six weeks to go

  1. Io says:


  2. Io says:

    Nice new homepage, Lian! Love it!

    1. Lian says:

      Thanks, Io, I like it too. Mind you, I think that gorgeous cover would make anything look good. 🙂

  3. Io says:

    True that! <3

  4. Lilli says:

    Cyclone Sanctuary-Calm waters when you arrive ,a fury of cyclones,waterspouts and whirlpools when you ( try) to leave .

    The Winds of Wallace- A little boy called Wallace was transported to a rock -cave in the middle of ‘The Winds ‘in 1800 ,sadly after trying to survive,he was lifted away by the winds ,never to be seen again…

    Thank you Lian

    From Lilli

    P.S I am so sad that I dont live in Hobart ,i so desparately want to go to the launch!

    1. Lian says:

      Great ideas, Lilli! I shall make a note of them. And I’m sad too that you won’t make it to the launch!

  5. Chelsie says:

    I have some ideas:
    Culprit Caverns- Underwater caverns and rocky areas.
    The Cuttle- Deep underwater seaweed forest
    Pendulum Plains- Very dangerous sandy plains, called Pendulum because time there is limited as it very dangerous for sea craft like submarines.
    Gristle Terrains-Rocky Terrain(maybe the odd bone to be found)
    I hope these help!

    1. Lian says:

      Great ideas, Chelsie! Thanks very much!. I think my favourite is the Cuttle.

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