Some last minute entries

January 1st, 2013

Hooray, at the very last moment, a stack of competition entries arrived in my inbox! I’m very pleased that we had so many, at such a busy time of year. But of course it makes the whole thing much harder to judge …

So here they are, the final entries. I’ve made them a bit smaller cos the last lot took a long time to download.

The first one is from Sybilla, who is dressed as Flense, from City of Lies. And doesn’t she look mysterious!

Flense (by Sybilla)

The next one is a second entry from Sophie. In her last entry, she was Princess Frisia, in the midst of battle. Now she is the mysterious Double, from Path of Beasts. Note the facial tattoos.

Double (by Sophie)

The third entry is from Io. It is a series of two photos called ‘Child Victim from Spoke’ and I’m pretty sure it was inspired by Lily’s series of pictures about a street kid called Fist (which is a great compliment to Lily).  The second picture in particular is gruesome, but very effective. And I’m wondering if this is the kid Fist was fighting – the kid who lost the fight …

'My h..head..' (by Io)

'W...w...what's happen-...' (She dies!!!!!) (by Io)

Next we have two entries from Kaity, who is 11. For the first entry, she said this: ‘In these two photos I am dressed up as Olga Ciavolga. I love the drawing of her in the first book and was inspired to use my Mum’s pashminas as layered skirts. I used an old bandana and tied knots in it like Olga’s handkerchief. I didn’t brush my hair, so it was floating about like Olga’s, even though mine isn’t grey!’

Olga Ciavolga 1 (by Kaity)

Olga Ciavolga 2

For Kaity’s second entry, she said: ‘In these photos I am dressed up as Goldie, just like I did for book week this year. See the little bird brooch? The only thing I forgot to put on for these photos were the guard chains! DOH! Ha ha ha!!!’

Goldie 1 (by Kaity)

Goldie 2

Goldie 3 - the bluebird brooch

Goldie 4

Now it’s time to see some Princess Frisia! First, four very fierce and dramatic poses from Esther, who is 14.

Princess Frisia 1 (by Esther)

Princess Frisia 2

Princess Frisia 3

Princess Frisia 4











And for our very last entry we have some more Princess Frisia – this time a very different girl from the ones we have seen before. These ones (sent in by Jemimah, who is ten) clearly show Frisia in her best clothes – but still willing to fight a duel when she is threatened!

Princess Frisia 1 (by Jemimah)

Princess Frisia 2

Princess Frisia 3

Heavens, you have NO IDEA how long it has taken me to get all these photos up and in more-or-less the right position!!!! Now I am going to have a lie down, while I recover and think about who will win, and who will come second and third, and how on earth I am going to choose between so many wonderful entries. So as you celebrate the new year, and dance around light-heartedly eating chocolate, think of me, burdened by this enormous responsibility, trying to make a choice while Miss Mouse (who has her own very firm ideas about who should win) glares at me from the back of the sofa.

I will announce the winners in a couple of days time. Happy New Year. Stay tuned …


25 thoughts on “Some last minute entries

  1. Io says:

    I turned out OK.

    1. Lian says:

      You did indeed!

  2. Io says:

    Quite right! I was inspired by Lily.

    1. Lily says:

      Awww it’s nice to know someone liked my work . . . You’re entry is fabulous Io! It creeped me out heaps . . . in a good way 😉 Maybe Fist and you were fighting . . . does your charecter have a name?

      1. Lian says:

        I agree, Lily, about being creeped out in a good way. That second photo in particular is scary. She looks as if she might be really dead.

        1. Io says:

          Well…. not sure.
          Do you have any ideas Lily?

          1. Lily says:

            Yeah, Io, I actually came up with qiute a few names for my charecter but thought Fist was the best. Here are a few that I got:

            Lunge (inspired by Pounce)
            Fist (of course)

            and 29 more!!!

          2. Lian says:

            Lily, I should have had you next to me when I was thinking up names! These are terrific. Io, do you have a favourite for your character?

        2. Io says:

          Thanks Lian and Lily!

  3. gabi says:

    I hope I win something!

  4. Lily says:


    I feel for yoi Lian. I perticularly liked Io, Gabi, Sophie . . . all of them! It seems the most creative people on earth read your books Lian . . . and that says something GOOD about you . . .


    1. Lian says:

      They are good, aren’t they. I TOLD you I had wonderful readers! 😀 And thank you for the compliment, Lily. That’s a really nice response.

  5. Io says:

    Help me Lian!!!! Gabi is pacing up and down the house saying, “did Lian put the winner up yet?”

    She’s killing me!

    1. Lian says:

      Ha! I’ll put the winner up tomorrow. And second and third place. Tell Gabi to hold her horses!

      1. Io says:

        hold your horses Gabi!

  6. Io says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lily says:

    OOOOOH! This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting! It pleases me immensly that you think so high of my made up names, Lian (that is not how I normally speak) and Io, still waiting to see if you’ve picked or made up yer own name. I think Jeer would suit your charecter nicely. Now that I think about it . . . Fist is the sort of person to go wild if someone jeers at them . . . Whatta ya tink?

  8. Io says:

    Perfect! Jeers it is then!

  9. Io says:

    I mean Jeer….

  10. Io says:

    My favourite would probably be… If a boy…

  11. Io says:

    Well not inculding Fist (of course) because I agree that is the best!

  12. JJH says:

    Would you consider your book BattleSong a realistic fiction novel?

    1. Lian says:

      Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Is this for school? It sounds like the sort of thing you might be asked to write about in class.
      Here’s a definition of realistic fiction: ‘Realistic fiction consists of stories that could have actually occurred to people or animals in a believable setting. These stories resemble real life, and fictional characters within these stories react similarly to real people.’
      So it doesn’t include Science fiction or fantasy.
      Have you read Battlesong? Is it like real life? Could a blind boy do the things Nat does? Could someone nowadays build a mechanical boy as clever as the Captain? Could the Devouts take over a country and rule it with such cruelty for so long?
      If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then I guess you could call it realistic fiction. If your answer is ‘no’, then you couldn’t.
      I know you wanted a more definite answer. But that would be doing your homework for you.

    2. JJH says:

      It isn’t homework but we are supposed to find a book that is a certain genre and we read and then do a project on it.

      1. Lian says:

        Ah, that changes things. In that case, if you’re looking for realistic fiction, Battlesong isn’t the book for you. I’d class it more as a cross between fantasy and science fiction. Realistic fiction would be more like ‘The fault in our stars’. A book set in current times with people who you might know. Hope you find something good!

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