First page proofs

May 20th, 2017

It’s always wildly exciting when the first page proofs arrive from the publisher. This is when a story starts to look like a proper book at last. The first page proofs of Accidental Heroes arrived on Friday – now I have to read through them to see if I want to make any small changes. I can’t make huge changes at this stage, but I know there are a couple of things I want to correct.

It’s also wildly exciting when I see the cover artwork for the first time. I caught a glimpse of it last week – not sure if it’s final yet, but it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to show it to you!

I’m going down to Bruny Island for four days this week, so I’ll take the first pages with me to work on. I’m also taking my computer and the slowly growing text of Secret Guardians, so it’s not quite a holiday, but Bruny is so gorgeous that I don’t mind. I always think that Lauderdale is quiet, until I get to my niece’s house, and wake up in the morning to the sound of birds and a view over Great Bay.

A friend will be house-and-cat sitting for me while I’m away. Harry was sick for a few days, vomiting everywhere, so I took him to the vet who thought it was probably hairballs. Now he has laxative paste once a week – he is not exactly excited about taking it, though he quite likes the taste once it is in his mouth.

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