Museum of Thieves – the game!

September 17th, 2010

The Museum of Thieves game is up at last on the Keepers website and it looks wonderful. The paintings of the different rooms were done by US artist Jon Foster who also did the illustration for the cover of the US edition. He’s done a fantastic job – you get a real sense of the strangeness of the museum from his pictures. I think I’m very lucky to have had two such amazing artists as him and Sebastian Ciaffaglione working on the books. The two covers, the Australian one and the US one, are quite different, but they are both beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Museum of Thieves – the game!

  1. Katie A says:

    Hi Lian,

    I’m a book blogger and if you’re available I’d love to interview you for my site. We could do a chat or I could email you a list of questions, whichever you’d prefer. Just let me know!



  2. Jin says:

    Love the paintings of the rooms by Jon Foster

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