March 1st, 2019

A couple of months ago, the bloke who designed and built my new website sent me a message with a link showing me how to use Mailchimp to send emails to people who’ve subscribed to my blog. I’ll read it later, I thought, and I got on with whatever I was doing. Writing, probably. Or brushing Harry, in the vain hope that he wouldn’t get quite so many furballs.

close-up of Harry the cat

And then I forgot about it. The link, I mean. I didn’t forget the subscribers – I just assumed that by some mysterious technological process, they were receiving my blog posts.

But the other night, round about 2 am, it suddenly struck me that that might not be the case. (A lot of things strike me at 2 am. Story ideas. Bits of dialogue. The words of half-forgotten songs.)

So I checked back to Jin’s message – and realised that I was supposed to set up the mysterious technological process, and I hadn’t, so no one had heard a word from me.

Which is why ‘oops’ should also read ‘my apologies’. I have a bad habit of not reading instructions.

But I’ve read them now, and if you get this as an email and everything’s working the way it should, it must mean I followed them more or less accurately.


Please let me know if anything’s not working the way it should.

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